Reviews: Is Legit or Scam Website?


users who have been already using Website are requested to write their own opinion about this and, you can also upload your earnings and payment proofs if you have already received any.


Answers ( 2 )

  1. Crudocoin is scammed website.
    I had account in their website. I gone through same problem as mentioned in other comments in details. They r providing fake proofs for attracting more people…. There online existence is zero….. If we tell them about negative reviews on other websites they will said they r penetrator who spoil image of company…. I lost more than $20000 in this company…. They r always online until we r not finished…… Once all money lost. They suspend our account…….. So that we seems that it was hacked….. My account also hacked twice…… But it was their plan….. They r so master in scammming people……. company chat is always on until we don’t give up….. But once they succeeded in there job… They suspend our account and disabled customer chat….. I had reach them by using vpn…from.other server then they are but when asked them about our account with username they instanly shut off customer support chat….. Very bad experience….

  2. This website is FRAUD. Making Scam with people. I m also victim of their scamming system..


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