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Best bitcoin exchange in Canada – Top 7 btc exchanges in Canada

Coinbase, Binance is not only the best exchanges to buy or sell bitcoin(BTC) in Canada but there are some more cryptocurrencies exchanges that allow as to buy and sell bitcoins easily and instantly using Debit Cards also.

1. Binance

if you really want to trade bitcoins at very low rates so, you should create your account on Canada. very low transaction fees all cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, etc. this is not only the best bitcoin Canada exchange but also allows other buyer and sellers of bitcoins who belongs to outside Canada.

2. Coinmama

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if you are looking for the fastest way to buy bitcoins using your credit cards so, Coinmama will be definitely your first choice.

Coinmama is the no.1 bitcoin exchange know for the fast bitcoin trading transaction all over the world’s BTC exchanges. and that’s why Coinmama is on number #2 and another thing is this list is hand-curated all exchanges are used by experienced bitcoin traders for selling and purchasing bitcoins in Canada.


very popular bitcoin exchanges in Canada, where you can buy or sell any cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins Canada or any other in one place using a visa, master card, and other popular credit cards.

you can start trading bitcoins on if you are looking for a quick, cheap, and safe way to buy Bitcoins in Canada. all exchanges in this list allow you to limit the bitcoin transaction and all are the 100 percent secure & hassle-free to buy bitcoins in Canada instantly using only credit cards.

4. Deribit

if you are looking for the best bitcoin options exchange so Deribit is the no. # 1 bitcoin exchanges which offer their services in Canada and all over the world on very fewer transaction fees.

not only BTC but other cryptocurrencies are also available for trade so if you were looking for the best Bitcoin Options exchanges so you can create your account now to get a 10 percent discount.

5. BitMex

BitMEX is a P2P crypto-products trading platform any can access start trading from today it is not completely legal in Canada but some features are available for customers from Canada.

best crypto exchange for investment in Bitcoin futures and swaps.

6. Localbitcoins

best P2P bitcoin exchange in Canada, if you are new to bitcoin trading and don’t know how to Peer-to-peer (P2P) exchange works so you can read more about it here.

this is the best exchange to buy bitcoins easily in Canada you need to find a trusted trader on the website then you can contact and them and buy bitcoins easily.

7. KuCoin

Kucoin is a highly advanced and fully secured cryptocurrency exchange for buying and selling Bitcoins in Canada.

not only KuCoin but all bitcoins exchange here are legit and most trusted cryptocurrencies in Canada.

you are new to buy bitcoins in Canada so, you can create your account and start your first trade from today.

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